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This is the last weekend we will be in Traverse City for the next month and part of me is a little sad. When we return there will most likely be a foot of snow and Christmas celebrations will be full swing…Kind of nuts right? I am very excited to begin our trip. We have to stop in Detroit for a short bit to do some work then we will be beginning our trip south on Thursday morning. I am getting really excited and I am spending the evening prepping some fun graphics to update you on our trip as we spend 4 days getting to Houston. 

I hope you all have awesome halloween plans. I am not a big halloween fan other than I dig candy corn and carving pumpkins. I love celebrating Fall but I have never been one for the whole costume thing. I will pull out a classic pirate or a cowboy when need be but I really am not good at being into celebrating Halloween. 

I would love to hear what your all’s plans are for this holiday as obviously I am EXTREMELY boring 🙂
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