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Just like every Friday I post my loves for the week from my Pinterest account. If you love the blog and the ideas I post here you will love keeping up with me over there as well. I love finding and hunting for new ideas and this is where many of them begin. So to keep up with the thoughts and ideas I post here daily it is good to hang with me there as well. 

But this week I have been pretty off on keeping up as I skipped a day of blogging and got behind of keeping up with everything. Forgive me but this week I have a little fewer than normal. My weekend post will be a little late today as I am working / socializing / out of the office but it is coming…I PROMISE!

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  1. So I sent my friend Abby here and she is dying over your blog! So cute! I have always loved that picture of Ashley Olsen too! That whole photoshoot was amazing! Can't wait to meet you!