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I figure since I spend a good solid hour everyday pinning my life away…okay addicted? Yes…but let me defend! I have found that through pinterest okay I have been able to understand my creative thoughts and what really is driving my passions and aesthetic to my designs. In the past few weeks of using it I have discovered some things about myself as a designer and artist I did not know. Granted this is a constant evolution but when you can see your style on a giant board in a matter of one evening it is just incredible. Anyways, since I do spend about 7 hours a week working on that thing I want to tie it into my blog. I would love to post my top 10 favorites from the week every week to give you an idea of what I have been crazy about. 

So here you go first Pin Love post!!

1. Lilly Pultizer’s Summer Line:
This is one of the many dresses I could swoon over. Lilly has really out done themselves this time. This will make for good summer dresses.

via lilly
2. Anna’s Bulletin Board
That Anna Bond is quiet the inspiration and so I am completely in love with her bulletin board in her office. Plus how precious is the photo booth picture of her and Nathan??

3. Parties with Glitter
In my mind this would be every Friday and Saturday just dancing away the evening with glitter flying everywhere while I wear a favorite bright colored dress and funky heels. A girl can dream right?

via mae mae paperie

4. Emma Watson
Should I explain? I think not.

via ffffound

4. Stripes and Fields
Their work is inspiring to say the least. The studio is a total dream

via stripes and fields

5. Kitchen Dreams
Just replace those marble countertops with concrete and drop in a farmhouse sink and welcome to my dream home.

via pinterest

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