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Today it is gushing snow outside. I braved the crazy roads to renew my motorcycle license or driver’s license and I am so glad I did. It was not because there was no one there but because I got to see the snow covered trees in all their beauty early in the morning. It is always my favorite to see go to bed with the snow falling and wake up to this perfect white blanket on everything. 
I have been secretly enjoying wearing my new winter coat from Zara in the storm and clunking around in my Sorel boots. Currently Salt Lake City sounds like a heat wave to me as it is about 20 degrees out. I cannot believe I am about to turn 25 and hop on a plane to my first conference. My bags have begun to be packed and I am simply dreaming of what it will be like to be near mountains and some of the coolest women in this industry. Mountains and fun creative people….does it get much better? 
Anyways, this is me saying happy weekend! I am heading down to Grant Rapids to see friends, celebrate my Birthday early with my family, and maybe even do a little shopping. Life is good just remember that. 
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