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This week has been rather relaxing I must admit. I have been able to sleep in a little later than normal and I have gotten a work in almost everyday this week. I feel a lot more together this week than I have at all this month. 

I also have changed some of my eating habits this week which I think has helped with energy and focus as well. I think in a few weeks after I see more longer term results I may share more on that.  I have never been fat at all but I am a girl who loves good food and I was an athlete in college, which mixed together means I do not have twiggy legs. But I think that post should be for another day because I am sure I am not alone. 

I have been pinning a lot this week so you should head over and check out more of my pins and if you have an account feel free to keep up to date with my inspiration daily. 

Happy Friday!

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