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This week I have been pinning like a crazy woman. I am not sure why but I feel like I may have spent more time on Pinterest this week than normal. Also I was so inspired this week by so many lovely things. I am prepping myself for the first Blog Brunch on Saturday. Katie and I are feeling really ready to hear everyone’s thoughts on content and their ideas. We cannot wait to meetup with everyone tomorrow it is going to be killer exciting!

But I have been spending most of the week otherwise working on some much more creative personal projects. I am prepping myself for getting things planned out for what winter will bring in order to accomplish my next new leg of Hitch. I have been dreaming about it for a while but have known the investment it will take of both time and some money, which always a little scary, right?!

Anyways this week has been gloomy here and so it has been perfect for doing a lot of work. I do need to get out to the garden as my poor plants are probably on their last leg for the season. I think it’s harvesting time.

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