Not sure how many of you guys have caught on to the wonderful world of Pinterest but I am in love not because there is tons of awesome stuff on there because there is, but because I am CONSTANTLY pulling ideas and inspiration all day long. It feels so wonderful to place everything in one place online and not only that I can reference right back to the original author because it links back so I will be able to do better on keeping track of crediting and so on. 

So today I wanted to send you guys over to my Pinterest account so you can start following me. I know you guys love my blog or else you wouldn’t be following it so catch some of my loves and what is inspiring my work and so on over there…that does not mean the blog will be slowing down but you can see a little more of my inner workings over there. Just to give you a little preview here are a couple pins from today! To say I am addicted is an understatement. 

via bhldn

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