Playing In The Studio: Iron & Wine

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Still to this day one of my favorite artists and this week for some reason has been such an Iron & Wine week in the studio with a lot of plotting and planning and tough questions. I feel so calm listening to Iron and Wine whisper through my iMac’s speakers as the hours of the day go on throughout the day. There is something magical about the way he sounds. 


Our first dance was Love and Some Verses by Iron and Wine and there have been many key moments in life wrapped around those songs. Many good summer evenings drinking wine on the porch listening to crickets and the rustling branches.

The way Sam (Lead singer) creates an experience through sound, lighting, and setting is beautiful and I hope only to one day to experience his artistry in person. I was only days away from their CD release when we were in Austin (Sam’s hometown) and now just realized we could have seen them in Detroit if we flown in from Orlando to Detroit they play the same night we come back. Someday the stars will align and I will have the chance but till then they will stream in the study and I will be inspired by Sam’s beautiful words. 

If you do not have their new album Kiss Each Other Clean do yourself a big one and get it. Very great progression for them. Also their site is super cool so make sure to check that one out!

photos courtesy: piper ferguson

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