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I really hope you all had a great Memorial Day! I had every intention of posting but it’s been busy around here. We finally are moved in to our new space and we are really happy. The garden has been planted and I am now just organizing and making the space feel like a home. I couldn’t be more excited. I plan to share some photos and updates from the garden now. We have been planning this whole thing for a while and I feel like I should share tips and faults I am making haha. This is my second year gardening so I am still learning big time. So more to come on that. Also Mike painted the sailboat and we decided to name the little 27′ boat “The Pearl”. It is supposed to go in the dock next weekend and I cannot wait to drink a glass of wine in the sun in the open water on the bay. It is the simplest boat but it feels so wonderful I cannot even explain. 

I finally am in my new office and it feels so good to really setup an office. There is still adjustment and everything but once I get everything done and setup just the right way I will share pictures of it all 🙂

but today I wanted to share this wonderful combo of Purple and Gold Sparkles. I love sparkles and and then to place the gold with the deep purple and other cool pastel tones just makes my heart beat very fast. I feel this would be wonderful for a wedding especially. It would be classy and have that spice of fun at the same time. Not to mention who wouldn’t want to eat a cake with sparkles on it? Come on now! Also that lovely purple dress would be killer at the right party with some nude heels or spice it up with some hot pink heels instead. Either way it would be stupendous. 

More to come friends! 

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