Rainy Days

I am finally getting to the post for today. YEAH!

If you didn’t know we headed to Grand Rapids to have dinner with some college friends and meet up with Bryan and Mae to see The Decemberists. We had a blast! The night was full of good laughs, smiles, good brews, singing loud, and talking shop more than we probably realized. 

We woke up this morning in Grand Rapids at Bryan and Mae’s apt to a Spring Day. The kind where you wish you had rain boots and a dress on with a black umbrella with a wood handle. It was perfect. 

We got to close our time in GR with lots of good coffee, food, and conversation at Marie Catrib’s with Bryan and Mae. It was wonderfully and so awesome to have the freedom to do that and spend that time together. 

On the ride home I finalized a presentation and literally headed right in to show logo comps to a client in Leelanau. 

All that to say I enjoyed a nap after to recover and listen to the rain pour and thunder roll. It is amazing to go for months without that sound it makes you appreciate the turn of seasons. There is no sweeter sound in the spring than birds, thunder, and rain. You can almost hear the grass turn green. 

So here I am 10 PM drinking red wine and finally getting to posting and work. I hope you all enjoy the rain and naps on sleepy days as much as I do. I have lots to do but I am excited to share some pictures from the other day and to do the Jammin’ In The Studio post tomorrow. Hold tight this may be one of my favorites yet!!

Happy Tuesday my dear friends!

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