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I found out a few days ago that The Fresh Exchange was up for the best blog in Northern Michigan. First of all I was crazy flattered. I started this blog originally when Hitch began because I had so many great ideas and wanted to place them somewhere to share with other people. As the year progressed I fell in love with the experience of blogging and am working towards making this a HUGE part of what I do as I creative. I love design like crazy but I love educating, sharing experiences, and most of all being inspiring to readers so in the next year the blog will be progressing towards the direction I have been dreaming of for more than 6 months now. It is crazy to think where this has all gone in the last year and I cannot to see where it is at in the coming year. 

So all this to say I would really really love for your support for the blog and vote for The Fresh Exchange as the best blog in Northern Michigan on the Red Hot Best. I cannot explain how crazy it would be to me to get published and known in the area. It would be a great launching point for where I am dreaming of taking the blog. If you live in the area vote for everything else but if you are not no worries hop on over and just vote for the blog. I am looking forward to seeing results and knowing and feeling crazy excited knowing how amazingly faithful you guys are to the blog. 

I have people tell me all the time they read my blog but it is hard to really believe how many people might actually so I feel this is a great chance to find out and to prove to myself this blog is really worth taking to the next level. Not for myself but for all of you guys. 

Thanks so much for being amazing readers!!!

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