Road trip 3: St. Louis Arch

I was so super jazzed to see the Gateway to the west. I have never traveled to the west by car so I couldn’t wait to feel like I had actually gone west on some level. I was making corny jokes to Mike every time we made an exit I kept saying “Go West Young Man!” Yeah I am a little silly sometimes but it made for a good laugh the first two times then it got old. It was a very gloomy day and it was also the day first day after we “fell” back in time so we didn’t realize the sun would be setting at 5 PM! This leads to more problems later in the trip that day as we planned to camp and when we got into the park in the middle of the mountains we were all alone in the dark with about 100 something deer…needless to say that is where the trip got interesting. More to come on that in the next post.Anyways we were super excited to enjoy a stop that included history. All along the way of our trip I would be searching and reading to Mike all the history of different places we were at and it made the trip more interesting. Kind of a cool way to not get bored on a trip. So before I share the craziest and most beautiful part of our trip I wanted to share the fun we had stopping in St. Louis. 

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