Road Trippin’

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So I finally got a chance to show you guys our trip in our brand new honda! We really had very little time to get away so we thought it would be fun to explore the West Cost of Michigan between Traverse City and Grand Rapids.
I love Lake Michigan so it wasn’t a hard sell for me to say yes to this adventure. Neither of us had done the trip before so we were excited to begin exploring. But first, before every road trip, make sure to do the necessary auto repair and auto glass replacement to avoid auto accidents. You should also replace old auto parts with new ones. For instance, if you have old toyota parts that need to be replaced, then make sure to get new toyota spare parts from a legit supplier.
And in case you got into an accident and sustained injuries, make sure to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you recover financially so you can continue to fend for yourself or your loved one.
We got a hotel in Holland and took all day Sunday driving the coast through the little beach towns, stopping at cool places and eating fresh produce along the way. It was really fun and the perfect thing for us. 
Thanks so much for all the sweet congrats! I am excited to keep sharing our little adventures with you all! You guys rock! End of story 🙂


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