Roadtrip 1

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So though we left Traverse a while ago I wanted to start  our road trip story off with the beginning…figured it was the best place to start. We left TC over a week and a half ago and since then it has snowed so I am perfectly happy to be in Texas right now. As some of you may know from twitter we stopped in Detroit and spent almost a week working till we really began getting on the road. But one of the best parts of traveling was strategizing our packing. Knowing we would be working, camping, and changing climates in very significant ways we had to think through all the gear we would be packing. This is where I place my shameless non-paid plug for Subaru….our Subaru was the perfect vehicle for our travels. We love our little Forrester and couldn’t be happier with it. This is currently it’s second trip to Texas and I will tell more about why we love it but it was so helpful in more than just the transportation areas. Our Yakima was filled with all our camping gear and things that we wanted easy access to say if we stopped somewhere in the middle of the night. Though it took a little more gas to have that on top it was totally worth it. Now that we are in Texas we took it off but we swear between the subaru and the yakima it is the perfect combo for a road trip. I have LOTS more photos and will be sharing more all week next week. Every week I will be doing a post but today Mike and I are taking the day off to spend time with his family and do some fun things here in Houston. So I hope you all have a happy weekend!!! I am getting really excited about baking and cooking Thanksgiving dinner with Mike’s Mom and am starting to get this super domestic I want to bake mode so I may need to start early. Do any of you get that urge this time of year? Happy Weekend friends!PS I will warn you that I do not have many creative outfits throughout our trip and that sweater is actually Mike’s that shrunk and I stole. It is kind of my favorite and my jeans oh goodness they are too big on me these days but it was comfy for travel. Just as a side note this is no style post 😉 I guess if you have ever lived out of the same suitcase for over a week you may understand. 


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