Roadtrip 2: Getting to Illinois

A major part of our lives is about our friends and family. We love them dearly and since we went to college in Kentucky and live in the great north we see very little of our good friends. They mostly live either around the globe or in the south. So when thinking through our trip and stops we wanted to make sure we stopped along the way to see our friends as much as we could. When I looked at the map and realized that my best friend, Laura was on the way for us I knew we had to stop no matter what. Laura and I have been best friends since 2nd grade, grew up playing on almost every soccer team together other than high school (we played college soccer together she was right mid and I was left mid totally assisted each other on many occasions), we were suite mates and shared an apartment in college, and goodness knows how much dating advice she gave me over the years. She was the maid of honor in my wedding and the list just goes on! We are total opposites in many ways as she is a CPA and I am a designer (opposites attract?). Needless to say we were pumped to stop and see her and her husband, Jeremy in Illinois and spend the night with them considering we hadn’t seen them since our wedding! But we had a long drive to get there that night. 

We had quite the long drive it felt like. We went through Indiana, Illinois, and Southern Michigan but it was well worth it. Also we got the chance to stop in Indianapolis and get a little tour from our friend Grant and indulge in some French food at a cafe for dinner. 

The most difficult part about this part of the trip was trying to figure out how to do Blog Brunch. It was the Saturday of and so we thought it best to wake up early and get as far as possible before stopping for a couple hours to hook into the internet and brunch away. We ended up in a Panera in Fort Wayne Indiana and I am sure every person there thought I looked crazy talking to Katie and having rocking away on Hoot Suite and geeking about SEO tools…but hey who cares right?! It was definitely more of a challenge than I expected but it went very smoothly. Make sure you check out the recap if you missed it!

Traveling a long distance with a dog means taking breaks and making sure that Nellie got good exercise. She is pretty content 90% of the time for a large dog but we felt bad having her all cooped up without being able to spread her legs for long periods of time. So we did a lot of playtime and snack stops to help break up the long hours. 

Once we got to Laura and Jeremy’s it was almost time for Jeremy to be live. I guess I should say that Jeremy is a sports anchor for a local station in Illinois and I have always wanted to see him live on TV since he started doing it straight out of college. Jeremy, Mike, and I were all in the same department in college so Mike and I got to work with him as talent many times and knew he was awesome on screen. It was majorly cool to finally see him doing what he loves. So I had to share!

After Jeremy finished work we all went downtown to grab some drinks and catch up! It was awesome to see where they live and to spend some quality time with good friends. We miss seeing the people who are the closest to us on a daily basis. College kind of spoils you huh? But it is really awesome to know all of our relationships can pick up right where they left off. 

More posts to come from the road trip. The one I am most excited to share is driving through the Ozarks and all the adventures we had!! Happy Monday friends!

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