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First of all I apologize for no posting yesterday. I was driving down to Detroit for a meeting in some of the worst driving conditions I have ever seen in my life. Michigan is not fun to drive in in the winter/spring time. When I say blizzard conditions I really mean can’t see the lights of the car a car length in front of you. It was insane. I felt like I was in an abyss of white and you can see the road and can’t tell where it turns unless you look at the tracks in the snow. Needless to say Spring cannot come quick enough. I know many of you are enjoying warm weather and loving it I just wish I was with you. I am fighting it with ignoring wearing a winter coat haha. That’s the best I can do to fight winter. 

Anyways, as spring and summer approach I have a current total of three close friends who are having little ones. I am very excited for them and as not into the baby thing as I am right now in my life I love being there for my friends in this exciting time in their life. I do not have any wonderful wisdom from having children but I can help inspire a very adorable baby room. I love how fun nurseries can be with the colors, textures, and the ability to be COMPLETELY girly or COMPLETELY masculine. I love it. It’s the only time you can get away with playful kid things and it be aesthetically pleasing. 

So today I wanted to share some of my favorites for my friends who are expecting as well as many of you other ladies in the same situation. I hope this is fun and inspiring but also bright and sunshiny. There is something about new life and spring that is so needed after a long hard winter. 

Happy Thursday my friends!

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