Rocking Men’s Gear

I need to do a little bragging about my fiance. For one he is a handsome southern man from Texas, two he is an extremely talented designer, but three he has amazing taste! 
That being said he sent me this great link today for some super cool Men’s gear (even though I am debating that I may buy some things for me personally..ha) that I would suggest for any freelancing designer or for any guy that uses an iphone, ipod, macbook, or moleskin and loves to look good. 

The company is called Hard Graft. They claim to be “Purveyors or fine handmade lifestyle accesories.” They are out of Austria and ship worldwide so do not discount them too quickly. These items are worth it I promise. I love the clean look mixed with the very organic materials…so very cool! 

I dropped in some images but you have to check the site for the true experience. 

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