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You must excuse all the mess in our house 1st of all life has been insane trying to wrap all our projects before heading for vacation tomorrow. You also have to know how excited I am to tell you about the chair since I allowed for these photos to post aka I hate people seeing my house mess and I am so excited to share I didn’t even take the time to clean up. So you all should feel special.

I begged the hubs to get out of bed and to quickly go to about 3 stores in less than an hour before we jumped back into work and packing for tomorrow. We went to a resale store that a client of our’s, Dan Stewart Photography, suggested as his wife was crazy about the place. I have to be honest I was skeptical as it was behind Wendy’s and next to Little Caesars not what I would imagine to find the perfect chair. But I am glad I was surprised and was able to find this little gem for $80. The plan is to recover the cushions of the chair in a bold pattern our couch has similar lines as the chair and is a warm khaki color. All our pillows are an eclectic mess and change from week to week depending on the mood. So I feel it would be fun to incorporate a fun clean pattern into the space we are moving into at the end of next month. I feel it will bring life and vibrance. 

The one thing I am still on the fence about is whether to strip it back down to the wood or keep it black. Much of our furniture is a dark stain or painted what would you guys do? I know it is a lot of work to strip it but I think it would be great to bring it back to it’s original design. I would love some perspective!!

Anyways back to work I just had to share. We have one more chair to find as well as an ottoman and a great credenza or media stand that is long and slender. But I will discuss more later to show you what I am thinking. 

Jammin in the studio will post this evening! Get ready!


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