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Friday afternoon I went thrift store hopping and I was looking for two things very specifically 1. a red velvet blazer and 2. a sequin top. I found the perfect red velvet blazer. All it needs is a new button and it’s good to go. I love finding things like that, don’t you!?

As for the sequins I may need to make the splurge or hunt at some very cool vintage stores when we are in Texas. All these pieces are so perfect to me. Pair them with some classic like a chunky sweater, chambray shirt, or skinny dark jeans and they seem less like you are going out for new years and more like a casual day to day piece.

Do you guys thrift and hunt for clothes that way from time to time? I do it whenever I am on a budget for the month but still want to spice up my closet. Budget tends to happen from time to time as a freelancer so finding the perfect blazer made me smile! Win!

Happy Monday friends!

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