Shake Your Fiesta Tail Feather

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Happy Cinco De Mayo! I cannot believe it is the 5th of May already! Now at least it is warm and sunny outside. The wind off the lake still has a little chill but it is the perfect weather for a party and games such as betend. We are heading to eat great mexican food, drink beer, and have a good fashioned old time after work today and I obviously am excited about it. I hope you guys have similar plans this evening! 
Really glad today was little lighter as far as work. I need to not do business once and a while to stay sane. I honestly recently have found it hard to talk about other things than work and I know that’s a bad sign. So I am always glad when a day comes around when I have a choice of how much work I want to do that day. The pure beauty of being your own boss on the ugly side of doing it all yourself a lot of times. 
I also am thinking of posting my guacamole recipe a littler later today or tomorrow…I am one of those cooks that never make anything same twice and never use a recipe so that is why I never share things like that but i think guacamole is one of those things anyone can grasp without much direction. Would you guys be interested in more recipes? If so I will share it is a little hobby of mine when not behind my iMac all day. 
Happy Cinco De Mayo Amigos!
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