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It could sound crazy to you but I have been slightly down about there not being snow covering every inch of Northern Michigan. Though I hate how the snow limits me to only 2 pairs of shoes for months on end, I honestly am becoming sad about our ground being so bare this time of year. I woke up this morning just hoping I would open the blinds and there would be a foot of snow fresh and pristine in the backyard. All I honestly want for Christmas (other than my Hunter boots) is a deep blanket of white snow. 

This time last year we were heading to Texas for Christmas and I was so sad to have my first Christmas without snow. We were knee deep in the white stuff when we hopped on the plane so I know it was beautiful here during Christmas. Now I am becoming a little heartbroken thinking that just maybe it may not happen again. I cannot imagine but every time I look at the forecast it says sunny and cold…isn’t that for January Mr. Weatherman? 

Sorry to be a little bit of a downer but I have never known a Northern Michigan Christmas to not look like this picture above. Just doesn’t seem right. I love walking downtown and your coat is covered with perfect little flakes and how amazing it feels here after a good blizzard. Not to mention having to be stuck at home by the fire drinking hot chocolate, who hates that, right?! Maybe my favorite part is the long walks through the woods and how still it is. It is magical to me and has been since I was a little one. 

Anyways I am really hoping this next week brings a snow storm of all snow storms. And I hope it doesn’t stop till after New Years. After that it can be all sunny and cold. 

I hope you all have great plans for the weekend. We are spending time with good friends tonight and Bryan and Mae are coming to stay the night with us so we can eat pancakes and go hiking tomorrow as well as dream about some new branding for them. We also are excited to go to Grand Rapids for a creative meeting with some amazing artists and creatives then boogy on back up to Short’s Brewery for a Breathe Owl Breathe concert. Lots to do but in the best way! 

Happy Weekend friends!!


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