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I realized tonight as I am doing my late night shift I have not shared any recent work of mine in a while. I am almost 100% sure I did not show you guys the stationery I did for Honey Heart Photography, which is really sad because I am crazy about came together for them. We had the wonderful opportunity to work with the amazing Mama’s Sauce team to print all the pieces. I have not seen them yet but I am excited to sometime in the near future. 

I was super excited when Mary and Gabe Lawson came to me to help them launch their new brand and be there through the whole process. We still have some more projects to do together and I really glad because they were seriously the best clients. We had some awesome skype dates and even now Gabe is beating my butt in Words with Friends. Mary and Gabe went to the same college as I did but were a few years ahead of me so we did not know each other very well but I am glad we have been able to work together and get to know each other through the whole process. 

If you have not seen their work check it out. They are in Lexington, Kentucky but are known for traveling to do shoots. They are fun, full of energy, and really some seriously down to earth real people. Can you tell I loved working with them? 

Anyways, when I came across their work this evening I knew I had to share because it is one of those great projects you are so happy you got the opportunity to do. Also make sure to check out their blog because I revamped that for them as well! 

Till tomorrow friends!

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