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Now don’t think that I am getting baby fever but these little kids are just too cute not to post. I look forward to the day of having a little one to jump on the bed with and have magical adventures with but for now these pictures will suffice. I am not ready for mommy hood just yet. Someday maybe once we have a place that is all our’s.

But for real though, how adorable are the unkept mops, smiles, and utter joy? I was an extremely imaginative little kid who traveled everywhere with crayons, paper, and tons of stuffed animals. I spent hours in my own imaginary worlds. Most of all I loved imagining being an explorer in the woods with my friends. I always came home with pockets full of rocks I thought were arrow heads, frogs, lizards, and turtles or a stray cat. I was quite the brave little thing at times. Funny what you remember isn’t it?

What kind of little kid were you? 

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