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A Year of Intention - Vidya Cleanse |  The Fresh Exchange

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As 2014 is beginning I am ready to start anew. During these first few days I have taken the time to think about this next year and what I wanted for 2014, the word that continually came to me was “intention”. There are many things I hope to accomplish this year. In order to do so I feel that focusing on the word intention is how they will happen. Each year in my life has had a word tied to it that becomes that year’s word; 2011 was the year of “discovery”, 2012 was the year of “direction”, 2013 was the year of “growth”, and 2014 will be the year of “intention”.

This year will be about intentionally making things happen that have been left on the back burner as Mike and I were knee deep in growing Wild Measure. That time was necessary, but this year has a new goal. As this new year slowly begins, I am being intentional about taking care of myself and learning what it means to find balance in work and life. This year I am going to be intentional about hitting personal deadlines. This year I am going to be intentional about eating right and taking care of my whole self. This year I am going to be intentional about working out not just to be fit, but to truly learn the importance of placing self care and self preservation above all else.

A Year of Intention - Vidya Cleanse |  The Fresh Exchange

image by: Greer Inez Photography

I am not setting lofty goals just yet for this year. Instead I am giving myself one small goal to focus on. It is time to give myself some love. The last few months have run me dry and by taking time away from it all I have learned what I need in order to be the best at my work and the best at what I love. Too often while chasing after our dreams, trying to make end’s meet, and making sure that all is perfect, we let ourselves personally fall to the way side. This leaves the greatest asset of our business, ourself, in a sad place that if not caught soon enough, can ruin or shatter the dreams we have. So, 2014 is all about intentionally taking hold of our health, sanity, and personal goals. I want to be better from the inside out and in order to do that I am starting this year with an intentional seasonal cleanse with my friend and inspiration, Claire Ragozzino of Vidya.

Mike and I will be partaking in an exciting 2 week community cleanse lead by Claire. Claire’s whole goal with Vidya is to guide people through the process of gaining the wisdom and knowledge over their health both mentally and physically. She knows through experience, that these changes do not come easily and first begin on the inside. So, in order to start this year right I feel this cleanse is the correct choice to make in order to truly make health and personal care intentional.

A Year of Intention - Vidya Cleanse |  The Fresh Exchange

image by: Greer Inez Photography

For the past 4 years Mike and I have been slowly taking this journey toward healthy eating. We have tried going gluten-free, paleo, juicing, and have even given up coffee for nearly 3 months. All of these experiments have been a slow part of us discovering what works for us and what does not. We have slightly gotten off track because of high-stress, holidays, and travel… but that is why cleanses are necessary. It is like hitting reset on your body so you can remember what feels great and what makes you feel awful. I know how amazing I feel when I eat very clean with lots of veggies, no coffee, whole grains, no process foods, no sugar, and no dairy. I feel like a rock star, but getting back there properly means making drastic changes to remind your body of how good it can feel again.

When I met Claire last year she changed my thoughts on food and has been a major catalyst in us changing our habits. She is like a health sage and I feel so excited (and slightly frightened) to take this 14 day journey with her and the rest of the community. You can find info on the cleanse here, but I will give you the basic breakdown. In the first week we are focusing on eliminating the acidic things in our diet (aka coffee, dairy, grains, meats, processed fats, etc) and working to bring our bodies to a balanced alkaline level. This sets us up for a successful 3 day juice cleanse. The final 4 days, we go back to the alkaline focused eating in order to reintroduce our bodies to regular foods again. From there we work on maintaining a well balanced whole and unprocessed diet that keeps our bodies feeling good and on track.

So, this is not strictly a juice cleanse but one full of yummy foods (see Claire’s blog for some previews of the food we will be eating) and fresh things that will make us feel awesome. It is 100% doable and a great way to kick off the year. We will also be focusing on thinking positive and resetting our thoughts while we go through this process.

If you are still looking to set yourself on track for 2014 I would love to have any of you along for the ride with us. You can still sign up. We begin on the 4th so do so ASAP. Watch the video above done by Choate House to see more on Claire’s ideas as a health coach. The cost is $250 for all the recipes, daily emails, community support, cleanse plan, and Claire’s genius guidance. Then you will need to purchase food and you will also need a juicer of your own, borrowed, or purchased. In my mind this is a small expense considering it could set your whole year on track.

A Year of Intention - Vidya Cleanse |  The Fresh Exchange

image by: Greer Inez Photography

I hope a few of you join Mike and I in this adventure. If you do not feel this is the right time for you, Claire has many other options that may be better timed for you!

Along the way I will posting on Instagram and also giving a few updates on the blog so make sure you follow along.

Here’s to 2014 and making it a year of intention!

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8 Responses

  1. I always love starting the year off with a cleanse…. of the mind and of the body. Thanks for linking up with VIDYA cleanse they look really fresh!!!

  2. Great inspiration here and I have embraced the idea of choosing my own word to move into 2014 with purpose and intention, free from the pressure of a lofty resolution. I was inspired by you (and Kathleen!) to write my own post on my word, FORWARD.

  3. I’ve been following your pins on Pintrest and have started to follow your blog as well. I enjoy reading about the changes you have been choosing to make in your lives. I have been thinking more seriously about doing a “new year” cleanse but just cannot afford the amount. In this age of trying to cut down on expenses; as I am recently divorced and have taken out a student loan to go back to school to better my future for my kids and I, I am finding some of the things I’d like to do with trying to decrease my foot print and living more with less, it’s just too expensive an undertaking. I will continue to read and try to make some changes with the ideas that have been posted. Thank you for sharing this adventure.

  4. I really hope you have a great new year and achieve your goals. I have to say I’m kind of bummed about what your blog seems to be becoming, though. It’s essentially And Kathleen packaged differently, and I don’t read that blog anymore (lack of substance, getting a little too “out there” for the sake of being out there, etc.). Didn’t she have an entire post about “intention” and juice a long time ago? And I recognize Claire and Greer Inez from her blog. I don’t know if you are actually also friends with them but it just reads like a total carbon copy. I think you should chart your own path! You have always provided great content (you’ve done so many great projects and traveled so much, do you really care that much about juice?). Don’t lose that and turn into someone you’re not. All the best.

    1. Hey Beth! Thanks for the comment and thoughts. I am really really good buddies with Kathleen and her and I do share some similar friends as well as ideals about business. By no means am I trying to be alike, but I can see where you may hear similar tones. I am sorry you feel that way about the blog right now. We have a lot of great things changing in 2014 and I do always strive to use this space as a creative release. I am a big believer in healthy eating and taking care of yourself so though juicing seems kind of silly it is a part of our lives whether we are at home or traveling. I hope you continue sticking with us as we have big things happening in 2014 that I think you will feel are not in that same vein. Thanks for your honesty though it is always appreciated to have that kind of feedback! Seriously.

  5. What a wonderful way to begin the New Year! Claire seems like the perfect health coach – we have talked about doing a juice cleanse together (Cody and I) and once we feel the time is right we will definitely go to Claire for help! Good luck you guys.

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