stripes everywhere!

You can wear them going up or down. You can wear them on the top or the bottom or even underneath, but no matter how you do it don’t miss wearing them this fall or ever really. 

I really do have a problem with stripes and probably should be diagnosed because Mike always tells me I buy too many. I remember even in college that someone told me when I see stripes I think of you…and I know they meant it in a nice way but it made me realize I needed to slow down on my habit. 

But this season stripes are in more so than ever before. I knew they were going to be a hit when I saw Jenna Lyons on Oprah with them on with Gold Glitter pants. Now I can do the very awesome striped shirt but the glitter pants…mmm I think I will leave those on the rack not brave enough for those. 

So whether you are wearing leggings, skirt, a dress, funky shoes, or rocking glitter pants stripes can be the perfect match no matter the occasion. 

Just to prove it I have some awesome examples that are sitting on racks right now. 

Oh and in other news I was published!!! Yeah Hitch Design Studio was in Inframe Bride Magazine…check it out on page 59 (Jen and Brett’s Wedding). It’s nothing big but it is the first time for the studio to be published, which makes me feel slightly accomplished 🙂

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