Style Inspiration: Alexa Chung

For quiet some time I have been a fan of Alexa. She runs across blogs from time to time for her modeling and street style, but with being featured in Madewell and hosting shows on MTV. It is no wonder this girl is growing famous for her style by the day. Her style is very classic but has an edge that makes you look twice. Her British roots is obvious in her poise and unmistakable cool. 

So I thought I just had to share this this week just because I know you all will agree with me. If you haven’t checked out Madewell…make sure you do cause it is awesome and if you like jcrew you will love this as well (since they are best friends). 

Other than style life has been good nothing overly exciting just working with rebranding with a few clients and beginning some wedding stationery. All while trying to get through finances for the year. 

Have a great day guys!

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