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Most of you know how much I love Northern Michigan and to have the opportunity to live here feels like the biggest blessing. The winters are cold, yes…but the progression of seasons is the best thing in life. It makes you appreciate these gorgeous sunny days and it makes them just that much sweeter after a hard winter of sitting inside watching four seasons of 30 Rock…twice.


I know I could live in Southern California or in Florida and have gorgeous weather day everyday, but I would be afraid of taking it for granted. I love waking up one day and it is all of a sudden Spring and flowers begin to bloom the ice is breaking over the water and fisherman are back on the water. There is nothing like May hitting and sleeping with the windows open every night under just a sheet cause much more and you might sweat. I cannot get enough of it and the more I experience of it the more I am addicted.

Well last night I thought it would be a ton of fun to do a picnic down at the bay. So we ran to our favorite local grocery story, Oryanna, for some goodies (tabouli, pitas, baguette, goat cheese, honey, local rose wine, and fresh berries) and found a nice grassy spot on the edge of the water above the beach.

Mike and I sat and decided that water does something to the soul and I tried so hard to explain that to him before he ever moved here. I tried to describe the sent of the fresh water and how Lake Michigan takes on a personality of it’s own everyday. One rainy days it is gray and choppy and on these gorgeous summer sunny days the water takes on this intense teal color that almost looks like the coast of a Caribbean island. I tried to describe the sent of the water in the summer and how it is water controls the weather and what grows when, but no one born and raised in a suburb could ever understand that until they have experienced it first hand.

Now that he has spent almost a whole year here he said told me last night how he understands it now. That the water is almost an addiction and how it brings this warm feeling inside you that nothing else ever can and it is indescribable. I have thought so many times about why that is and have come to the conclusion that there is a part of us that is drawn to it strictly because 9 months of our life we were surrounded by water and most of our body is made up of it so our vitality has always been surrounded by the need for water. That is the conclusion I have come to as to why my heart always beats faster and almost has a feeling of falling in love at the site of Lake Michigan. It does something to your soul that is indescribable.

That all being said I wanted to share some of our photos from our picnic and from our pup for the first time being a true retriever.

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