A Summer Weekend

Embrace Summer  |  The Fresh Exchange

Today I am heading back to Michigan from Salt Lake City, and have been dreaming about our summers in Northern Michigan. Last weekend we spent the dreamiest day with our dear friend and photographer, Michael Newsted. He had an idea to canoe from his family’s cottage on upper Herring Lake through a narrow passage to Lower Herring Lake. The journey was about as enjoyable as a canoe ride could be. All three of us, plus our two dogs, paddled down the stream and caught up on life. It has been all I can think about as I am traveling today.

Embrace Summer  |  The Fresh Exchange

Embrace Summer  |  The Fresh Exchange

This Summer, I am planning on really digging into some passion projects and setting some goals for the blog. Part of that, has already been happening as we set a goal to spend our summers up north, and try to take some time off in the process. Mike and I plan to work very diligently in the mornings from 7 to 1 every day, so we can have the rest of our day to explore, create content for the blog, and just have some space to stew on new creative ideas. It always feels like home when I can get back to the woods, the water, and the smells of Northern Michigan. I was so glad I got at least one good day of Summer in before heading out west. I love traveling and I love moving, but I also need time to just float on a canoe with my dogs. Since returning from Spain, I have taken this “still time” more seriously. I need to have time that doesn’t involve a plan, or a suitcase. As much as I am inspired by the movement of travel I think there should also be a balance of non-movement and stillness.

Embrace Summer  |  The Fresh Exchange

So as I fly back today, all I can think about is the lake, and the smell of summer. I am dreaming of the sun glistening on the water, watching fish swim under the bow of the boat, and forgetting about the time. I love how the sun reminds us to wake early and go to bed late, because these days are precious. That is all I can think about. 

Embrace Summer  |  The Fresh Exchange

I thought I would share a few images from our little adventure last weekend. There will be more to come, but I really wanted to leave you for the weekend with these little moments from such a special Saturday. I’d love to hear about your “still moments” of the summer.

Embrace the weekend my friends. Summer is now. Live well. 

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9 Responses

  1. Wow, your photos are amping up my anticipation for summer—this looks so amazing! I’ve always loved a free summer and try to set my work schedule to allow for as much exploration time as possible. I’m intrigued by your 7–1 plan. (I may try it, too!)

  2. Soul sister! I bought a new house and the most still moment I’ve had yet is visiting the empty space. Fox was asleep in his car seat so I sat him next to an AC vent (he was a sweaty mess) as I walked through the empty house and imagined filling it with holidays, the smell of spices and morning oats, laughter and music. I also couldn’t help but daydream about white walls and my stuff relocated into this new space. It was a really neat feeling and one I don’t want to forget anytime soon … it was the feeling of potential.

  3. i have been in so many airports and in so much conditioned air that stillness and nonmovement sounds like just the thing to be seeking. cheers to a great summer.

  4. Love when you post about Michigan!! We are heading up north near Alpena for the weekend and I can’t wait! Thanks for the reminders to slow down. Have a nice weekend!

  5. As we prepare to (hopefully) move out of Michigan later this year, I’m going to need reminders like this. To stop always planning and doing, to enjoy what we have here. It’s really a beautiful place.

    Going to hike in Saugatuck tonight and head out to camp with family tomorrow.

  6. What a nice post! I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the start of summer. I have been trying to enjoy the nice weather and be outdoors as much a possible. I look forward to relaxing at the beach most weekends or going for a hike to clear my mind. It’s so important to live in the moment and enjoy your surroundings.

    Have a great weekend!


  7. These are wonderful. We are setting out this weekend for a road trip up the east coast and I hope it’s at least half as peaceful as these photos. 🙂

  8. I think that people who haven’t had the luck and pleasure of cottaging can’t truly understand what a special thing it is. We cottage at a lake that has seen the same since the 1860’s – people wanting to get out of the city to a simpler life, even if it’s just for a few days.

    I look soooo forward each year to swimming and kayaking and canoeing and waterskiing and just hanging out. Living in a bathing suit and flip flops. It’s so wonderful.

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