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I have been avid follower of the work of The Indigo Bunting‘s work. It is not just the beautiful design that strikes me…well it does! But how adorable she makes things. I love how she has such a personal and unique style that her clients obviously love as well. Everything from the fresh colors to the super cute wording of things and even on her newest edition with the cute matching of meal choice to the guests name. I love it and that is what you hire a stationer for is to let them come up with the unique and original ideas of coming up with ways to match things and make your guests think how original that was. 

Anyways I wanted to feature her since she is someone I feel has jumped into the stationary world as a true designer and is offering custom stationery that is completely original for her clients. I love it! 
 All images courtesy of : The Indigo Bunting Flickr

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