Texas Roadtrip: On the Road

That’s right I have been talking about it but today (even though it is Halloween) we are headed on our road trip to Houston, Texas. We then will be in Texas through Thanksgiving working remote, seeing things we haven’t seen before, heading to Austin, and who knows what other shenanigans we will get into. We are taking our pup Nellie along with us, which is why we are driving. So it is a true family trip. We plan to see many friends along the way and see things we haven’t seen before like the Ozark mountains and the Mississippi River (well more like things I haven’t seen). 

I love road trips and though this isn’t a glamorous trip down the west coast we thought it would be fun to let you all in on our whole trip over the next month. We thought we would highlight some fun things we discovered in case you ever find yourself on a trip from the north to the south. 

This is the second time our trusty Subaru Forester will be making the trek from Michigan to Texas and yes we still have our Texas plates and cannot wait to rock them again in the Lone Star State. 

Also I will be doing this weekends 2nd Blog Brunch on the road….Yeah I know I think I may be a little crazy but I am excited to work remote. There is some excitement in it all and I love it. I hope all tune in for Blog Brunch but also keep up with our trip as we cruise from one side of the country to the other. 

Since we will be spending many hours in the car I thought it would be fun to share some playlists of music that we are listening to on our trip to make you feel more apart of what we have planned. I will share other books and so on to that we may listen to along the way. But you can keep up with all the playlists over on my 8tracks account and in fact the first one is already up!

Wednesday I will be posting a more detailed map with fun graphics for you to see our whole trip and where we will going. I cannot wait to have you all tag along on our little adventure! It’s going to be a lot of fun 

Finally if you want to feel free to follow along with my instagram as well. I will be posting photos on there periodically everyday as well! 

Cannot wait to share more!!! 

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