Texas Roadtrip

We made it to Texas last night very late. We have had quite the adventure over the last week and I cannot wait to share some of the tips and images from our trip. I have so much to share but first I have some catching up to do on work. This week will be filled with little parts of our adventure so make sure to stay tuned! 
This image above was from yesterday in Arkansas before the sun began to set. It was misty and cloudy up in the Ozarks and we got a chance to see the whole view when we stopped at a lookout. I was in love with all the layers of landscape and colors. As much as I love going to a big city and eating amazing food, staying in swanky hotels and drinking champagne, views like this make me even more happy. 
Okay stay tuned for more this week. I really am excited to share all sorts of things with you!
Happy Tuesday!! 
image via my iphone


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3 Responses

  1. Hi, I LOVE the font selection on this, do you mind sharing ? You can PM me if you like.
    – Kurt in Maine.

    1. Yeah! So glad you love it. I use my own handwriting on almost everything so all the fonts are 100% handmade. The only other fonts I use are Gotham, Futura, and Knockout. I am not sure if that helps. Thanks for the lovely words!

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