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Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I feel like I have been a little lacking on the blog the last few days. We traveled to Austin and had a ton of fun but it resulted in a little less posting than normal so I apologize!I have always been a real fan of Thanksgiving I love to cook and there are some recipes I only do during this time of year. So I spent the morning baking pies and last night I made cranberry sauce and applesauce before heading out with some friends. I just enjoy cooking so much especially with tons of people in the kitchen and having everyone work together it makes it so much fun. 

This year I have really felt so blessed and it is so nice to take a moment and check in with what you are thankful for because when the world is cruising by you can sometimes forget what this year has brought. There are so many things I am thankful for this year and I really wanted to name a few for you guys.

1. My husband and best friend. Mike is by far the greatest blessing in my life and I honestly couldn’t feel luckier to have such a great person by my side everyday. He inspires me and makes me a stronger person everyday.

2. My family. My parents always encouraged me to follow my heart and dreams and never stepped in front of me to tell me I was crazy instead they always told me keep pushing and working hard towards my dreams and I couldn’t feel luckier to have that kind of support in my life. 

3. My job. I work a lot but I love what I do so much that I never feel it is work and I know that it such an incredible blessing in life. Everyday I feel so lucky to wake up and get to do what I do so I can not be thankful enough for that. 

4. Health. Life is never going to be perfect but if you are healthy anything is really possible so I figure as long as I got that it’s all going to be alright. 

5. Northern Michigan. I love living up north it is raw and beautiful. We live such a healthy life because of where we live and I couldn’t be happier or more thankful to live somewhere where we can have honestly farm fresh foods, tons of hiking, fresh air, fresh water, and a beautiful backdrop to top it all off. 

6. Nellie. I know it sounds crazy to be thankful for a dog but she really makes us happy. She is the sweetest most caring animal and puts up with all our crazy adventures and loves us none the less. I think I knew she was awesome when we snuck into a hotel room on our trip down and she slept in bed with us and passed out spooned between Mike and I all night and not one of us moved till the morning. She has just fit our lives in ways that makes it easier not harder and to me that is a perfect dog. 

7. The little things in life. Those moments that are so little but fill you from head to toe. I cannot pin point one but every time it makes me realize how truly beautiful life is and how often I take it for granted. 

I have so many more but I will not bore you all and I am sure they are so similar to yours but I wanted to share and say Happy Thanksgiving. I hope where ever you are, how ever you celebrate, and who ever you are with have the most wonderful and joy filled day. I hope it includes good pie, good drinks, and lots of laughing and love. Now I can officially watch Love Actually 6 times before Christmas without apologizing…haha. Happy Thanksgiving my friends!! I will be posting our trip through Arkansas tomorrow for sure. I feel so behind!! 

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