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This last week I finally got to watch Julie and Julia and completely fell in love with cooking all over again. Don’t plan on me taking on the idea of going through either one of my Martha Stewart Cookbooks anytime soon but I do have a complete obsession with food blogs and Mike has a complete obsession with food photography. We recently found a blog that totally blew our food love over the edge. 

The blog is done by a food photographer and foodie in Sydney, Australia named Katie. I am madly in love with her photography and the raw elements of cooking and how she captures it all in this clean bright fresh lighting. It makes my soul warm. The blog is called What Katie Ate and though she does not post much the content she has is enough to make me happy for quiet some time. 

With the inspiration of leftover pumpkin and this blog I attempted handmade pasta, frying sage leaves (which I wish I had a video of), and even making a few of my own concoctions in the process. I went for making Katie’s Pumpkin Ravioli with brown butter and sage recipe. We then had asparagus and took grapefruit and mandarin oranges and covered them in local honey and candied pecans. It was a stupendous meal shared with some good company and some good wine. I have never had anything so wonderful. So I had to share this recipe from her blog since you all need to try it but know that it can take almost 3 hours so plan ahead….I didn’t and ended up feeding very hungry people at 9 pm! Thankfully it was worth the wait. 

So here is the recipe and some images from Katie’s website of the dish:

Also make sure to check out her Photography blog for more gorgeous pictures.

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