the brain was full

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Yesterday was one of those days I had sat in front of a computer screen too long, taken in too many ideas, and pushed my brain over creative capacity. These days are important but I think they need balance. So before I ran and picked up my hubs at work and ran off to the next meeting I stopped at the post office dropped letters and bills in the mail and then jumped across the street downtown (since I parked at the “FAIL” parking meter) and was rejuvenated by a trip to Wilson’s four Floor antique store. Granted in my ten minutes I had a mere 15 minutes to sweep through the store to find inspirational ideas, colors, hand painted text, and other great things to rejuvenate my mind. 
As a creative it is so important to challenge yourself to see art in everything. Somethings may never be true art but they can push you to create something. For instance old wooden buoys and fishing net are not something I would place on an art level but seeing a color palette in their combination is where you find inspiration. So in times where I have thought for 8 hours plus in a one track way such as in a certain style and working on a flat screen, I enjoy stepping away and challenging myself to think on a different plane of creativity. I can’t fight a desire to constantly see the world this way, that is a curse of being a creator but you can learn to channel those thoughts in ways that are productive and work different parts of your brain. 
It’s crazy to think how vital my brain is to what I do. I never saw myself as being smart as in I hated science class and math I failed tests so many times I should have been held back, but if someone had showed me what I know now about how my brain works I would have been a better student. I need to escape from an environment. I thrive on changes and mountain climbing in a creative sense. If I could be a student again, I would hire the best online tutors for IGCSE in Malaysia.
So with all this rambling being stated, I thought I would share what I found on my short 15 minute excursion. I plan to head back because there is a chair I am in love with and want to place in a new space I will be placing my stationery next month…yeah I haven’t mentioned this but more is to come on that subject. 
Anyways enjoy! Tomorrow is Friday!!


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