The Modern Man

I  realize today is Jammin’ In the Studio but I am going to take a week off from it since I have not been very inspired this week by anything with music. Not anything to say about the industry at all just haven’t listened to anything new recently. So I did not want to give you guys a fake post this week on music. 
Instead all you lucky men get a little attention. My husband kept peaking over my shoulder as I was putting this together so I figured a I may have hit the nail on the head since he made no comment. ha.
I used to post a lot more about men’s style and I really missed it. What I love about men’s style is how tried and true it is. There are limited frills with great structure, quality, and clean lines. The modern man is not wearing funky colors or anything crazy but instead is placing a spin on the classics and combining the eras of style with his own favorites. 
I personally love the beard and rough facial hair that has been rocking for men. I love to see men less polished and embracing their natural look that fits their everyday rather than staying with in perfection everyday. The other thing I believe the modern stylish man must embrace is the well fitted jean. Let’s face it most men have a straight figure that can take the kind of skinny jean most of us girls wish we could. Men should embrace that even if they have their own curve and find a nice fitted dress pant, jeans, shorts, or capri. No man should have a saggy butt in their pants it is just not acceptable these days. 
The goal was to find a round up of images that embraced the classic style of men and the beauty of simplicity and quality combined. I am personally in love and happy to share this today. 
More to come today! Happy Wednesday!
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