The Non-House Hunter

Ever since we moved into our little place here in Traverse City I have missed my one TV show or rather channel I should say. It may be a good thing because I would most likely watch HGTV all day if at all possible. I love watching House Hunters, Property Virgins, Bang for your Buck, and Income Property. I just can’t get enough. 

Though it is a crazy addiction and slightly unhealthy I would say I have learned a lot in my time of watching HGTV over the last few years. I can not tell you how many little things I have learned about the purchase of homes, the property value, and why certain homes are better than others even if they look like a dump. 

Growing up my dad was an architect/contracter. He built and still does build beautiful homes. His process of thinking through a room from how the furniture will be placed to how the exterior will be affected by his window choices, or even how all the wires and duct work will run in a room is so amazing. I honestly envy his skill because of my passion for interior spaces. 

But till my college years I had never lived in a brand new home (I am not whining), which at the time I felt like a loser always being in a house that was a constant construction process but I learned that there are $80,000 homes out there that can be transformed if they have the right basic layout and structure to them. I have learned more about remodeling in my years growing up and I value that a ton. I look forward to the day I get to find my diamond in the rough to tear carpet out of, reinstall cabinetry, and find a combination of the original with the new. The ability to create a unique investment and be extremely creative and smart about choices is very exciting. 

Though I do not plan on purchasing a home for a few years with the economy the way it is and mostly because Mike and I are not ready for that until we are really feeling settled in life (aka kids come along). I really love a certain style of home and I thought I would post homes that I have fallen in love with over the past year from blogs and so on. More or less my dream homes. 

As you will gather, I love craftsmen, farmhouses, bungalows, and lots of trees. 

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