the problem with winter

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Now this will not apply to you if you live anywhere that never sees snow or winter. It definitely won’t apply to people who long about January break out a long sleeve tshirt. But up here in the great Northern state of Michigan we see some snow to put it lightly. Living on the East side of Lake Michigan that is very warm from the hot summer we see lake effect snow. This create beautiful scenery and great conditions for skiing but it completely hinders style. Once I see the first flake fly I resort to knowing 3 things. 

1. I will be cold for the next 6 months of the year
2. I have three options for shoes uggs boot, ski boots, and my tall snow boots. (notice all of which end in boot).
3. All outfits are dictated strictly by the warmest pieces of clothing in my closet and the coat’s length. 

It becomes survival and going out seems like one of the worst decisions unless it is a sunny beautiful day after a heavy snow. 

So with this cold weather arriving sometime along November I am feeling like some preparation needs to be made. I have found that if you choose some fun things like a bright coat, a variety of winter shoes, with a cool scarf or gloves your wardrobe can feel a lot less boring. Even though you may cave for the big heavy North Face and fur-lined boots when you are forced to go to the store for eggs in a blizzard. Yeah that happens!

So I have compiled four great outfits with great coats, fun scarves, and even sweeter shoes. Remember to waterproof and those salt stains can come out so be brave and bold. 


The Yellow Coat Set:
Coat, Scarf, booties

The Lemon Coat
Coat, Scarf, Boots

The Brown Coat Tied
Coat, Scarf, Booties

The Military Coat
Coat, Scarf, Booties

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