The Sun, Moon, and Stars

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From time to time I will be in the middle of working and things come in my head. I find it better for my creative process to doodle them out most of the time. Sometimes it is something little and sometimes it is a whole flood gate of ideas, thoughts, and images. Kind of uncontrollable. This was just a little of a doodle I did one of those times. Maybe someday I will turn these into something. For now they will sit in my lovely little doodle folder full of wonderful and whimsical things that at times I feel silly about. 

Tonight we are heading out to spend some time with friends. We are trying to make a posting of spending more time with friends as the winter begins to loom in the near future. It sounds funny but winter is when I spend the most time with people because I need to have things to look forward to other than the adventure of plowing through 2 foot snow banks to get items for dinner that night. So I am excited to do fun things while there is no snow on the ground and drink wine, laugh, and spend time with friends we haven’t seen much over the summer. 

Till tomorrow friends!

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