This Weekend

I feel like since arriving in New York I have been a wide eyed child in a candy store. This image above was while I was flying in to the airport and all I could feel was excitement. I am learning so much about the city and loving taking it all in. It is wonderful to be in the city a few extra days to really enjoy and get to know it even better.

This weekend will be spent wandering and discovering the sights around the city and being slightly touristy, which sounds like such a blast to me.

What are your plans this weekend?

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2 Responses

  1. oh my i love when i see the city from above and the idea that down there, there’s a whole city bustling with energy!! it’s the center of the world in one island! it’s quite amazing to imagine all the life that is happening in that concentrate of skyscrapers! have fun megan!!!

  2. My fella works away for a week at a time, so I spend every second weekend alone. I make sure on those weekends I have “me” time. Whether its sitting on the couch watching chick flicks, or scouring opshops for treasures, I make sure I do things that I love and wouldn’t normally do if he was home. x

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