This Weekend

This was me all week. Here in this seat, wearing whatever I was not packing (which is most of my wardrobe), and drinking coffee. Every day was 9 AM to 2 AM and non-stop. It was like Finals week in college all over again but a little more fun as nothing I did involved reading a novel about the French and Indian war or practicing infinite math problems. Honestly though that all may sound a little like absolutely hell it was a little tiny bit fun. That tells me I really do love what I do and you need tough tough long weeks to tell you that sometimes.

We leave Monday for Paris. I cannot believe I am saying that and my bag is packed, I feel this sense of anxious excitement. I woke up on Tuesday ready for the plane and the long day of travel and jet lag. Who does that? Of course me. So this week has been all about preparing to remove myself from it all for the next month. When we return we will be heading to Texas for a wedding and Thanksgiving so we will be saying goodbye to TC till December. I am sorry I will not be sharing photos of the first snow here or halloween, but I promise lots of macaroons, eiffle tour, farmer’s markets, fashion, and me drinking coffee in a cafe.

I cannot wait to share this journey with you all and all I have been planning. Though this week was fun it was tough and I feel my mind is ready to relax. I need to get lost in a city and I need to slow down. So much of my life this last year has been about going and doing and pushing myself to do better, now I am ready to switch it up and focus some on taking care of myself, living better, and really learning the art of doing nothing. This next year 2013 is already proving to me this is my goal. It is something I am bad at and I look forward to learning from the French on how to live slower. My biggest fear is not wanting to come home as I feel this lifestyle is going to sink in pretty deep.

I plan to share more on my thoughts about slowing down and taking more time for ourselves and being okay with that. It was when I asked myself this week why aren’t there more hours in the day that I realized I don’t need more hours I need to find a way to do less. Americans push themselves too hard and we have this mentality that we must do do do in order to be the most successful person and if we are not proving it to the world we are the best than some how we are not succeeding. This is something I am challenging myself about now every day and trying to find ways to think less like that and focus more on doing what I love and finding enjoyment and fullfillment there.

Let all those thoughts sink in. I think I will have more on this as my journey begins across the Atlantic. Next time we talk I will be flying! Happy weekend my friends! You are wonderful.


Also if you did not catch it there were some awesome features I had this week. Some of them maybe interesting to you all. 

1. House of Harvey: Nellie and Tucker’s Profile —- My office mates

2. La La Lovely Things: Monday Mess   —- See what I clean and leave

3: Mimi + Meg: Get Shit Done  — how I make it all happen every day and week

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4 Responses

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. Love the combination of images and handwritten type you incorporate into your posts. Question: Is it your handwriting? Do you use a tablet? I’d love to incorporate more of my handwriting on my blog’s graphics but don’t have a tablet and am getting frustrated trying to do it by scanning…thanks! love the blog!

  2. EEeee! Have so much fun. I can’t wait to hear all about it over here. Especially the slowing down part (you are seriously inspiring me to chill the eff out too). And the croissants and cafes part. XOXO

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