This Weekend

It was a good weekend. I have to be reminded from time to time that we need to relax and not worry, think twice, or anything but be present in each other’s lives. This weekend was that. I began with all these thoughts and ideas of what I wanted the weekend to be but Mike reminded me of the fact that it’s summer let’s enjoy it. And that’s exactly what we did. 
We toured some local wineries we had not been to before. We went to Chateau Chantal, 2 lads (my new favorite), L. Mawby (they sell sex…aka sparkling wine), and Good Neighbor Winery (all organic). It was tons of fun to see the cherries swinging from all the trees and get away from the craziness of the festivals downtown. Though it was busy everywhere we went it was fun and we got to be tourists for once, which is honestly very fun!
On Sunday we slept in and then spent a ridiculous amount of time weeding the garden in the sun. We got half way done and I am very proud of how things are coming together out there. This week I am going to be talking about cucumbers and sharing a recipe with you guys that’s perfect for hot summer nights. 
Then after we relaxed for a little and cooked dinner we headed over to hang with friends/clients, Dan Stewart and his wife Liz, Bryan and Mae, and our good friend Grant. We got to see all the sweat work that Dan and Liz did on their backyard and the men got to prove their manliness by chopping wood. Yeah for wood chopping. Then Bryan and Mae decided to scare us all and give us the story of Dogman…okay I am a complete whimp plain and simple. Mike says this endearing but I don’t believe it…I don’t do well in the dark or with scary movies. 
So we had a great weekend. We felt refreshed this morning and very inspired to take on the week! We are getting excited for our 1st Anniversary. We are going somewhere close by and exploring Mike’s kind of planning it all so I know very little…how fun right?!

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