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I think it is human nature to be moved by images and I think that is why I love photography and follow so many photographers on my Reader, but there are few photographers that can capture a moment to where it reaches in your soul and you enter a place, a moment, a feeling. There are also few photographers that understand the aesthetic of an image. The lines, color, negative space, and tangible textures that can be brought into an image with just a click of a button. So when I find a photographer like that I fall in love. 

Bonnie Tsang has come across my reader multiple times before for many reasons from her awesome logo by Rifle Design Co. and because of her weddings but it was not till I stepped onto her own blogs that I feel in love with her work. I felt the images that were posted on wedding blogs never touched her impeccable creativity and design style. Her work is beautiful and the image that pull me in to her work are the ones that are the spaces in between moments such as the chairs empty at a coffee shop or the chef freshly preparing food. Those are the things that you forget about sometimes at an event but she gets them and gets them in the most gorgeous way. 

She grew up a photographer’s daughter and studied graphic design which can explain her natural knack for negative space and how she spaces text on her images. It seems so natural as if it was taken with it there. It is rare to find a graphic designer who is a photographer and could lean either way very easily. 

So check out her work here and her personal blog here.

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