Toby Scott Home

Not sure if you all have seen the interior photo work of Toby Scott, but you should really change that. This home he shot for Real Living  is kind of my dream. I love the architectural details combined with the modern clean and bright style. I am always all about pops of color and texture and this home combines it all. Not to mention I always worry about my home being a complete mess when we have kids one day…this home makes me think it is possible to have a kid friendly home that doesn’t look like kids live there ha. Maybe I am delusional.

Does anyone else worry about what your home will look like when kids come in to your life?


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9 Responses

  1. i want to move in to this house and never leave! i do wonder about our house with kids… partly b/c we already lack organization and i worry about how hard it will be to stay picked up with kids (i’m already dreaming of lockers and built ins where we can store their toys!) but also because i’m realizing we tend to like stuff that may not be that sturdy! our 2 year old nephew was over and almost broke our magazine rack/side table, was jumping off our vintage nelson bench, etc. and i was so worried he’d hurt himself when one of the pieces inevitably broke under his pressure!

    1. Oh my! That would frighten me too! I think it all depends on the kind of home a child grows up in determines their level of respect and care from a young age. So I am sure your children will care for things in the way that you hope for them to 🙂

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