Too Long

I realized I had not blogged in quiet some time. Life just gets busy and then you lose track of certain things such as posting a blog post. 

Life has been crazy with trying to keep up with freelance work, meetings, and at the same time planning this little thing called a wedding. Even in those busy times I do find time to have fun and that is exactly what this blog post is about. 

Over the last ummm…5 days almost it has snowed non-stop and our not so little puppy has discovered her deep love for this white fluffy stuff. So, I thought I would allow everyone to join in her exuberance through some photos that Mike (fiance) took and I edited. I say I edited cause he hasn’t seen my edits and I don’t want him to take credit for something he may not want to… then again if he does like the editing then I get credit and he doesn’t…ha!


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