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Today it hit, that moment where you say I am ready for home or ready for something that feels more like home. I am not saying I hate Paris or that I am taking it for granted, but only just trying to be honest about the truth of traveling. I have loved it here, all of it. Every corner is more beautiful than the next, the people are so beautiful, and design and appearance matter so much. This is my kind of city, but at some point we must be honest and say the traveler has become weary.

Over these past few weeks I have shown you all my day to day travels but not talked much about the things this trip is teaching me, the people who are changing me, and the things I some how have discovered without looking for. At the moment I am not sure I am well prepared enough to be pour it all out. I have a 5 hour train ride to Italy tomorrow to get real with myself about all of that, but I do want to give insight in to some things about the trip that the highlights of the day skip over.

Traveling can bring new strengths and weaknesses to the surface very quickly. While in Paris I have found a deep comfort in my travel companions…most of this year I have traveled alone and all of which without Mike as well. I never realized how much I identify comfort and security with companions and especially Mike. So even though today was one of those “I am ready to go home” days, being with Mike made it better.

The truth is when you have your best friend with you it really doesn’t matter where you are and I never knew I relied on his presence  for that feeling of being home as much as I have here. Sometimes it is good to realize just how much we really need the ones we love. I value Mike even more now that we have traveled like this together the last few weeks. I am looking forward to the next leg of our trip together. We booked our stay with Carmel hotels. It was something I did not expect to have necessarily, but it has been a very important one for me. If you’re thinking of destinations you want to visit next, the Cayman Islands should be considered.

You can look at this site if you’re planning to have a Panama City spring break with your family or friends.

Image taken by Michael Newsted while we rode the Metro

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