type makes my heart skip a beat

It’s true there are some fonts that I just can’t help but feel a little like I just found the love of my life. I know not everyone could understand that but I had to share a foundry that gets me every time with their work.

Sudtipos is a foundry making some gorgeous scripts and slab serifs that make me want to flirt with the letters they are so beautiful. I love how their typefaces works together to create gorgeous negative spaces and feel so right in everyway. Don’t get me wrong I have my other favorite foundries such as Hoeffler & Frere-Jones no one can say that Gotham (known as the Obama campaign font), Archer (mostly seen and loved in Real Simple and Martha Stewart), or Knockout don’t speak to them. But I would say that the Suptipos might be right up there when it comes to their scripts. 

I am posting a few of my faves but you can check out more on their site. Enjoy and Happy Tuesday!

The fonts are as following: 1. Candy Script 2. Compendium 3. Grover 4. Hernandez 5. InLove 6. Monroe


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