Valentines Day / Birthday for the Hubs

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I know this is late but I was very busy planning things for the husband for his birthday, buying him gifts, doing cute crafts to make it feel like V-day, and planning a whole meal for him. But I had to share our little day together. I am not sure how we did not get a photo together but we did not do that but a little from our adventure downtown and our breakfast and so on. 

Just so you know how little day was great it was his birthday as well so it is always kind of fun more than just a normal V-day. I planned a breakfast of crepes filled with Greek yogurt and homemade blueberry sauce covered with fresh berries and powdered sugar. We then got ready and Mike had a hair apt a little pampering for him haha so I rant to pick up stuff for dinner at the local organic store and then spent a solid 45 minutes wandering through my favorite place downtown Wilson’s Antiques. Totally fall in love with that store every time. I found two old postcards. One was of HighBridge in kentucky where we went to school and would go all the time. The other was of a field of Bluebonnets in Texas. I cannot get enough of old postcards and they look great in frames on the wall as well! 

After we met back up we went to get Middle Eastern food at Zatkey’s downtown Traverse. Totally was in love with the food and vibe and I love having local culture food places like that. After that we spent the day doing our favorite thing re-arranging the house!!! We love moving our space around and refining the layout and so on so we did that then prepared dinner and had some shredded beef tacos with cabbage and radish slaw and guacamole on homemade corn tortillas…mmmm so good! We had a great time and it is always good to take a day away from work and remind ourselves what we love so much about one another separate from work and everyday life!

So Happy be lated V-day everyone hope it was a great one!


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