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For many of you it’s 60 degrees the sun is out and winter is becoming a distant thought. Well enjoy your damn sunlight we still have 3 feet of snow in the yard so I’m going to write about jackets.

As a good men’s fashion rule, layering can add visual interest to your look. Ask the English if you don’t believe me. Put a waistcoat on under your suit jacket and watch the compliments, and Mumford and Sons jokes, roll on in.  A waxed cotton jacket is a great final touch when planning to walk through a foot of snow to get to the brew pub. Layer whatever you want underneath, preferably wool or cashmere, and you will be happy all Winter long. The best part though… the wax jacket isn’t just for Winter. As you transition into Spring it works great as a light jacket over a t-shirt to break the wind during such events as sailing, hiking, and biking.

Check out these Wax Cotton Jackets and let me know if there is a winner in the bunch. Cheers!

1. Makia Wax Jacket – from Swell at $124
2. Quin Navy Waxed Cotton – from Bridge & Burn $230
3. Waxed Cotton Anorak – from Orvis $198
4. Fitted Blazer – Scotch & Soda
5. Delta Waxed Jacket – from French Connection $258
6. Weatherby Waxed Cotton Olive – from Bridge & Burn $130

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6 Responses

  1. Can I just say how happy I am not to see another blogger raving about Barbour? Don’t get me wrong; they’re great jackets and definitely classic pieces, it’s just that certain things tend to become cliches in the blogging world when everyone talks about them. Props to you for finding these alternatives! I LOVE that third one from Orvis–I’d buy it for my husband so I could steal it sometimes =)

    1. Stephaine you are speaking my language. Don’t get me wrong, I think Barbour is a great brand but I personally think the collars on their jackets are really ugly. So for me I’m not going to buy them or blog about them. My idea was to find affordable alternatives you might not have seen all over JCrew. Props to you for being unique.

  2. Right on man! Refreshing to check out a list of gear / outdoor coats that don’t encourage the ‘cringe effect’ when looking at the price tag. Our friends at Aether, Outside Mag… well, that’s neither here nor there. Dig the selection! Thanks for the read, Mike.

  3. Just the thought of transitioning into spring gets me excited! Soon enough, I suppose! My husband has a great waxed coat from Barbour that he and I both adore.

  4. not quite snowing here in vancouver but we sure get a lot of rain! i was just looking at a new rain coat over the weekend.

    can’t wait for summer!

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