We Need Your Thoughts!

We need your thoughts | The Fresh Exchange

So, here is the thing…there has been a lot of transition that has been happening around here. We moved. We had a baby. We are building a house. We committed to living in Michigan. We simplified our business. Whenever there is a lot of transition there is a chance of becoming a little discombobulated about the direction to head next. There has been a lot of discussion between Mike and I about what we want to be writing about as we begin this new chapter in our story, but as much as we can develop on our own, I keep wanting to ask you guys what you ACTUALLY want here. This space is nothing without you guys so we want to know what makes you excited to pop in every day or week. I have numbers and analytics of what you guys seem to like, but in all honesty, I am less interested in those as I am by what really makes you guys happy every day to find here. I am most inspired to create content that you guys want to see and will love. It makes me really happy to know you guys loved the content we created.

We need your thoughts | The Fresh Exchange

So whether you have been a reader for 2 hours, 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years, or since the beginning of The Fresh Exchange, we want you to tell us what you want to see here in this next chapter. What have you loved from the past? What did you love now more than anything? Do you like video? Do you want us to entertain more? More business content? We set up A SURVEY for you guys to quickly fill out OR you can just leave us a great comment. It doesn’t matter.

So, I ask you to share in all your honesty, please share your thoughts with us below or in THIS SURVEY.

Thank you and have a MARVELOUS weekend 🙂

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9 Responses

  1. Love this! Great idea and so glad the readers can be apart of what you two are planning for the future. Just filled out the form and can’t wait to see what’s in store for your family!

  2. Thank you so much for including our thoughts and asking your readers! Love that so much. I would love to see more of:
    * Michigan stories (I’m being biased here because I just love this state so much)
    * monday words and gratitudes (connecting the community too)
    * gatherings and entertaining (community!)

  3. As a michigander myself – I was/am simply blown away by your Michigan posts (what made me follow your blog when I Initially found it years ago were the GORGEOUS and truly unique photos of sailing on Lake Michigan. Living in Traverse City is an extremely unique angle in the blog world, it seems and you guys definitely do it justice. Your photos are simply beautiful and truly showcase the beauty of this area. As a Michigander, it fills me with pride. For others, I’m certain these posts spark some curiosity about the area.
    Love your work! <3

  4. I love all your post, but especially the ones on your simple gatherings. I find it hard to do some of the fun things I used to before kiddos and you have this amazing way of making it seem doable and gorgeous at the same time! We have been to so many places in Mi because of what I have read on here, learned of some amazing new websites and goods and so much more. Your photography is lovely, your daily thoughts are fantastic…keep up the good work!

  5. hi! i started to take the survey, but the question about what kinds of posts we’d like to see more of doesn’t allow for more than one response. just wanted to let you know about that glitch!

  6. Hello!

    The survey isn’t letting me select more than one for the first question although it says to choose as many as you like. SOOOO I’ll just write them here 🙂

    – Our daily life
    – motherhood/baby
    – monday words (LOVE! You always inspire)
    – food recipes
    – entertaining tips
    – gatherings
    – home interiors
    – travel

    Specific posts: I love any and all inspirational and/or self reflection posts. they inspire me to self reflect I always walk away feeling much more in tune with myself and inspired to live a better, fuller, more intentional life.

    Grateful: I am so so grateful for my circle of people. i didn’t have a solid friend base until my late 20’s and I never want to take them and their support for granted.

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