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Since Mike and I got engaged we have been dreaming about our invitations…okay let me restate that…since we got interested in graphic design we have been dreaming about our own wedding invitations. So when we finally got to the point where we could create our invitations we toiled over various ideas and concepts. Mostly we tried to combine our own individual styles to fit our wedding. Eventually, we settled and fell in love with our design.

Our idea was to keep things clean but bring in the old and rustic feel. Since our whole wedding has a very shabby chic feel to it we thought a well-styled farmer’s market feel would be the best way to lean. We then had to find a printer who could do what we were looking for and we were lucky enough to work with the crew down at Mama’s Sauce in Orlando, Florida. The design came out crisp and clean with pure perfection. They also sent along with the plates, which was so cool to see.

For the rest of the design, we found ways to save a little money by creating a stamp for our return address, addressing the envelopes ourselves, and bringing it all together with manilla tags and baker’s twine.

My personal favorite part of the design is the RSVP. I posted the postcard set that we found at a furniture resale and it completely inspired us to create everything around the idea of the farmer’s market. It is very Northern Michigan and it turned out so cool.

We actually have been receiving phone calls and emails saying “I am calling because I don’t want to send my RSVP back…” I cannot tell you how many people are RSVPing that way. We love it and we love that all our guests love their invites.

This may be one of the most fun projects I have worked on in a while. And I cannot take complete credit I have one very talented fiance so he gets credit here too :).

So for all of you who have been asking where are our invites…Better pictures will be posted later but I have been itching to post these since we got them two weeks ago.

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